Decorative Concrete League City

Decorative Concrete League City

Decorative Concrete League City provides decorative concrete solutions to both residential and commercial customers. We are a Certified Concrete Technology, Inc Distributor* as well as a locally trusted concrete services company that will create beautiful concrete surfaces for your home or business.

At CTI, we understand that concrete work is a significant investment. We pledge to offer reliable and consistent service on every new concrete or restoration job for our customers. When you work with us, you’re working with professional and certified contractors who treat every project like it was their property.

Patio Resurfacing Decorative Concrete League City


Resurfacing Your Patio Will Add To Your Home’s Charm

While you’ve been preserving the look and charm of your home’s exterior with beautiful landscaping, you might have overlooked the back outdoor patio. Your home’s front might welcome your guest, however it is on the back patio area where you’ll be amusing them.

Concrete Trends and Innovation’s patio resurfacing permits you to change your rear patio into a location you’ll be proud to display. Our concrete patio resurfacing offers your otherwise plain concrete surface an amazing makeover without destroying the existing concrete. Our structured exclusive procedures and methods not just save you time, but plenty of money.

Outdoor Patio Resurfacing Ideas

Our special polymer overlays can be crafted in a variety of styles and are engineered to resist damaging UV exposure and freeze-thaw conditions. 

Extend the look of your interior hardwood floors to the outside with wood slab decorative overlays so that your patio looks like a genuine wood deck. Dramatically alter the space with old world-flair by choosing a simple slate texture in gray. Other customized decorative concrete project design or stamped concrete design choices include:

  • Flagstone
  • Cobblestone
  • Stone

Even better, all of these options look like the real deal. Even better, you can enjoy your patio without the constant care that genuine wood or stone involves. Gone are the afternoons spent weeding in-between pavers in the summer, or sanding and resealing your wood patio area prior to the upcoming winter, so say goodbye to splinters and rough, abrasive surface areas and pesky weeds!

Natural elements don’t just severally damage genuine wood and stonework, but will cost you more time and money  in repairs and maintenance. Adding a decorative concrete overlay to your existing patio will not only be ultra-durable, but will look new for several years to come.

Our outdoor patio resurfacing allows you to change your backyard into a location you’ll be happy to show off. The concrete outdoor patio restoration processes offers your otherwise dull slab of cement an exciting makeover without requiring the demolition of the existing concrete surfaces. Extend the appearance and feel of your interior wood floor outside with a wood slab overlay so your patio area looks like a genuine wood deck, or significantly alter the area with old world-flair by selecting an textured gray slate look.

Reflective Flooring Decorative Concrete League City

Metallic Epoxy Floors: As Durable as they are Beautiful

Wanting the most elite and luxury flooring on the market? Look no more than Metallic Epoxy. These are state-of-the-art finishes that are two-part epoxy, specially prepared to mix with a dazzling metal pigment additive. The metal in the process causes such a spectacular shine that everybody who sees it will be in awe of its results. Another advantage is that less lighting is required because of the reflective qualities of the floor covering.

When the flooring is finished, it looks as smooth as glass and sparkles with metal effervescence. It is the metals themselves that are shining so vibrantly. These floors are set in a world apart  because they are ‘exothermic’, indicating that they heat up when mixed and the colors will swirl and wander together and self-level on their own. They ‘do their thing’ and so each flooring is different and special. Any color -or combination of colors– wanted are available. Know that there will not be any other floor like it on the planet!

Not only amazingly beautiful, reflective floors are likewise very long lasting, highly durable, and will cover a myriad of problems that might be in the underlying concrete. The labor, skill and preparation included are more difficult than other flooring. It does take a number of days to install, and the location should be spic-and-span so that not a speck of dirt gets on the flooring throughout the application. But if there is a piece of dust, that is okay, because there will be a glowing affect that often are called ‘comets’ which causes the ‘wow’ effect. After application, the floor must be left alone, and there can be no wind or a/c on it as it is completing its swirling process.

Metallic Epoxy is only 1/8 inch thick, but looks much deeper. Sometimes people will try to touch it to see if it is a damp, or if they can reach into it. If it sounds like this is about as amazing as a flooring can be, and you want to really enjoy your room’s uniqueness, then this is definitely the flooring of choice.

When the flooring is completed, it looks as smooth as glass and sparkles with metal effervescence. Not just strikingly beautiful, reflective floors are likewise extremely long lasting and will cover a myriad of problems that may be in the underlying concrete. For that luxury look that you will love for years, call us and let us put in a reflective, metallic epoxy floor.

Pool Deck

Pool Deck Decorative Concrete League City

Concrete Trends & Innovations

Is it time to resurface your swimming pool deck?

Why don’t you think about having a go at something brand-new and exciting this time around? If your concrete surface is sound, then a cool and slip-resistant surface can be either troweled or sprayed on, with several patterns that can be contemplated. Concrete overlays are a mix of polymer and cement with performance-enhancing additives. They bond specifically well to concrete surfaces specifically prepared to accept the chemicals. When decorated to your preferred appearance, they are then sealed so that they will last for many years. These are systems of the highest quality that are developed to withstand damage from sunlight, UV salt, swimming pool and exposure chemicals. It is remarkable what a difference the look will be when that uninspired swimming pool deck has an ‘extreme makeover’.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Your time invested in the location around the pool must be just as relaxing as your time invested in the pool. Concrete Trend and Innovation’s pool deck resurfacing provides decorative concrete project methods that rejuvenates your concrete pool decks without draining your checking account. An old, rundown pool deck can be resurfaced utilizing our exclusive concrete pool deck overlays that can either complement or contrast with existing landscaping and home styles.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Ideas

Absolutely nothing can ruin a summer season more than making your swimming pool inaccessible with a complete tear down of the pool deck, making entertaining outdoors next to impossible. Our ornamental concrete pool overlays go over your existing pool deck, avoiding expensive demolition and replacement.

Concrete Trends and Innovation’s custom, manual approach replicates the look of natural stone and pavers, and even hardwood decking. Our pool deck resurfacing choices are practically unlimited, including designs such as:

  • Genuine flagstone
  • Brick
  • Sandstone
  • Stone-look

Any other combination that your heart desires!

Plus, our assorted pallet of custom-colored finishes can either produce a location that blends with the existing surroundings, or pops as a contrasting haven away from the cares of everyday life.

Concrete Trends and Innovation’s swimming pool deck resurfacing provides a method to renew your concrete swimming pool deck without draining your bank account since they go over your existing pool deck, preventing costly demolition and replacement.

Driveways Decorative Concrete League City

Driveways Do not Need To Be Boring

The first thing that guests and neighbors typically see when viewing a home is the driveway. It is a major influence on that important ‘first impression’, and also can lessen the worth of a residence if it is undesirable. Think if it is actually included in the worth of a residence, however. The driveway is a vital function that can add to the landscape and also general appearance of the house. Considering that it is driven on a daily basis, it also must be very easy and durable in order to keep looking nice.

Currently, the contemporary homeowner is frequently able to resurface a concrete driveway with an extremely resilient polymer-based finishing or overlay without taking that hit to the bank account. Remember, the most essential choice when enhancing a driveway’s concrete surfaces is to not only pick the highest quality materials, but also take into consideration the spending plan and style objectives.

Many of the driveway overlays are primarily consisting of the same chemicals, some having different and various uniformities and durability qualities. Eventually, your choice as a homeowner will depend upon the appearance that you are going with and also how well it fits with the look of your home and landscaping.

One of the most interesting and one-of-a-kind methods to design a home’s ‘look’ is to decorate the driveway. The unique features of the driveway can also make your house stand out as distinctly appealing in a community. Whether the wanted layout is simple or more formal, the overall look as well as aesthetic charm of the home can be elevated by enhancing that usually boring driveway.

Concrete Trends & Innovations

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